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Ever since a child, I've felt the need to celebrate the world through art.  I painted in watercolor and acrylic before discovering the luscious texture of oil paint!  

I love doing small oil studies-either on site, from memory or from photo references.  I choose my favorite of these to translate into larger paintings.  Since I do these primarily for fun and preparation for larger paintings, I offer them very reasonably in my online store.

 The most unique aspect of my paintings is their texture.  As the painting at the left illustrates, I paint VERY THICKLY- usually with a palette knife.  None of my paintings would ever be mistaken for a print!

Most of my paintings are also BRIGHT!  I seldom paint a scene literally, rather I manipulate the color and composition to express how the scene makes  me feel- and that often calls for bright colors! There is so much to celebrate in God's beautiful creation!


I have lived nearly my entire life in rural South Dakota and appreciate its unique beauty.  I was raised on a farm in Kingsbury County and lived the majority of my adult life on the outskirts of Armour, South Dakota- a town of 700.  We have recently moved to Sioux Falls, but I maintain my love of South Dakota's rural landscape! I have taught art in school and done private lessons. I am presently on the board of the South Dakota Arts Council. 

Some of my paintings are currently held in private collections in the US, as well as in Canada and Australia. 

 My paintings are for sale on-





Daily Paintworks-  


If you are in Sioux Falls, I have paintings at-

Eastbank Gallery, 8th and Railroad Center

401 E. 8th Street #116, Sioux Falls, SD

I will paint homes, farms or landscapes on commission.  If interested please email me at nanvenhuizen@com

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